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Applying Evidence-Based Solutions

to Help Children

Reach Their Potential

For Parents

Parenting is wonderful, but it’s exhausting and little ones can quickly reveal our limitations. Sometimes we just need a little help and encouragement along the way! Since hope alone isn’t technically a strategy, I’ll teach you what you need to know to turn things around at home in no time. Equipped with effective strategies and the support you need, you’ll become the extraordinary parent you were always meant to be. I always say that parenting takes a village. Let me be in yours.

For Schools

I‘m committed to helping all students receive an appropriate education. I believe the most efficient way to do that is not student-by-student, but classroom-by-classroom and district-by-district. Training all stakeholders in evidence-based practices and strategies for success, gives your district an edge. Let me help your school district deliver quality programs, where evidence-based practices are being implemented with fidelity and align to your students’ educational needs.


About Me

I’m Sally Talala-Hooper, MA, an Educational & Behavioral Consultant living in sunny Paradise Valley, Arizona. I’ve worked with children for nearly 30 years. I'm an author, speaker, and career educator who's consulted to dozens of districts since the mid-1990's helping schools integrate principles of Applied Behavior Analysis into classrooms. I’ve also helped tons of parents optimize their parenting skills and bring their little ones back to behaving. I understand the importance of providing an exceptional service that delivers meaningful results. At Dynamic Behavior Solutions, I enjoy helping each client achieve success.

All Things Behavior

Testimonials / Reviews

It was the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic and I was suddenly home with my two boys (ages 3 and 4.5) 24/7 until further notice. Pre-pandemic, my boys attended preschool for ten hours a day while my husband and I worked full time. They were used to having structure, routine, and discipline predominantly at school, and even though I was trying my best to make their days active and enriching during our quarantine, their behavior seemed worse than ever. They were fighting, crying, yelling, and subsequently I was doing the same. I felt like I was failing as a mom. I was exhausted. I was disappointed in myself for yelling at my kids and they told me it scared them. I reached out to Sally for guidance. With about an hour-long phone call, she enlightened me and gave me the resources to help me manage the behavior of my unruly toddlers. Her years of experience and her innate understanding of child behavior are evident. She is able to be empathetic yet honest and direct. After implementing her recommendations, our world changed for the better and I am able to enjoy my boys such much more.

Erin, San Francisco

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